List of African foods by countries

list of african foods

Africa is the second largest continent in the world yet little is known about its cuisine, this list solves a little bit of that problem by listing African foods by country.


Harira: Traditional Algerian soup.

Pastilla: Traditional Algerian meatpie made from squab or shredded chicken

Torta de Gazpacho: Flat bread.


Cocada amarela: Eggs and coconut dessert


Koeksister: Syrup-coated doughnut shaped like a braid.

Seswaa: Made with beef, goat or lamb meat boiled to tenderness in a pot, then shredded and pounded. Served with maize or sorghum pap.

Sosatie: Skewered mutton served with spicy sauce.


Achu: This food consists of pounded cocoyams and a red palm oil soup with cow skin, oxtail, tripe, and steamed eggplant servings

Ekwang : Cocoyams are grated and wrapped in cocoyam leaves and cooked in spicy stew.

Eru : Stew made from eru leaves, waterleaf and palm oil and eaten with fufu made from cassava.

Koki:  Boiled beans eaten with palm oil

Mbongo Tchobi: Black soup served with boiled ripe plantain.

Ndolé: This is Cameroon’s national dish and is made with nuts, bitter leaves and fish or ground beef.

Cape Verde

Cachupa: Stew made with beans, hominy and meat.

Central Africa

Nshima: Meal made from ground corn flour

Cote d’Ivoire/ Ivory Coast

Alloco: Fried Plantain, usually eaten with chili pepper and onions

Attiéké: Cassava dish

Kedjenou: Stew cooked in a sealed terra-cotta pot with chicken and vegetables

Placali: Fermented cassava dish, eaten with palm kernel stew.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Babute: Grounded beef cooked with curry powder, eaten with apricots.

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East Africa

Kachumbari: Onion and Fresh tomato salad.

Mandazi: Fried bread eaten with dips or alone.

Biryanis and Pilaus: Rice delicacies with Indian origin


Duqqa: Spices and herbs dip.

Fesikh: Mullet which is salted and fermented

Fig roll: Fig paste filled pastry

Ful medames: Fava beans cooked with olive oil and lemon juice.

Hawawshi: Meat minced and spiced with pepper and onions and oven baked.

Kushari: Rice, chickpeas, lentils and macaroni cooked in tomato sauce and fried onions

Mulukhiyah: Bitter soup

Qatayef: Sweet dough filled with Akkawi cheese.



Mukhbaza: Bread made with wheat flour, honey and banana.

Gored gored: Cubed unmarinated raw beef dish.

Injera: Flatbread made with yeast and teff flour. It is Ethiopia and Eritrea’s national dish.

Kitfo: Marinated raw beef

Shiro: Stew made from powdered chickpeas or broad beans meal, usually served with Injera.

Wat: Stew made with chicken, lamb or beef, spices and butter. Eaten with Injera


Fit-fit: Ethiopian breakfast

Ga’at: Porridge made with barley flour

Himbasha: Ethipian bread used mainly for celebrations

Kitcha:  Thin, unleavened and slightly burnt bread.


Kelewele: Spiced fried plantain.

Kenkey:  Dumpling served with stew or tomato sauce

Konkonte: Made from dried and pounded cassava root

Mafé: Ghanaian stew with meat simmered in a thick peanut sauce.


Obusuma: Kenyan delicacy made from corn flour.

Ugali: Maize porridge

Nyama na irio – made from mashed-up potatoes, beans, maize and onions, served with spiced barbecued meat.

Chapati – Kenyan bread


Baba ghanoush: Crushed garden eggs eaten with virgin olive oil and other spices.

Freekeh: Cereal made from roasted wheat

Toum: Garlic sauce prepared with either live oil or vegetable oil and lemon juice


Bazeen: Dough made from Barley and served with eggs, potatoes, tomato sauce, and mutton.

Usban: Tunisian traditional sausage filled with rice, herbs, lamb and chopped liver.


Msemen: Traditional pancakes eaten with creamy coffee or tea.


Maafe: Tomato stew


Kebab: Grilled skewered meat

Ahriche: Cow stomach wrapped on sticks and barbecued.

Bichak: A Moroccan appetizer.

Bisteeya: Pie made from thin, flaky pastry with three layers of either pigeon or chicken, lemony eggs and sweetened almonds.

Briouat: Light savory pastry.

Matbucha: Also known as Turkish salad, it consists of tomatoes and roasted pepper cooked together and is spiced with garlic and chili pepper.

Mechouia:  Mildly hot, spicy salad usually eaten with couscous or bread.

Mrouzia: Tajine with honey, almonds and cinnamon

Couscous: Popular Arabian dish of soaked or boiled semolina.

Djej emsmel


Melktert: Cream filled pastry.

Potjiekos: Outdoor prepared stew

Tomato bredie: Stew made with mutton cooked for long and seasoned specially.


Akara: Beans are ground, made into balls and fried, usually eaten with fried yams.

Afang: Vegetable soup

Amala: Yams are dried in the sun till they get hard, then ground into powder and cooked to a dough like solid, usually served with ewedu soup.

Banga soup: Palm nuts soup with lots of seafood.

Draw soup: Soup made with okra or pumpkin seeds.

Echicha: A combination of cooked cassava, pigeon peas and palm oil.

Kilichi: Raw beef is cut into strips, dried and roasted with pepper and oil

Fufu: Cassava is ground, boiled and pounded to a dough-like solid and eaten with a variety of soups

Garri/ Eba: Cassava is ground and fried. The resulting aggregate is can be drank with water and sugar or made into dough using hot water and can be eaten with a variety of soups.

Jollof rice: This is the most popular food in Africa, it is made with rice, tomatoes, onion, pepper and  other spices.

Isi ewu: Goat head pepper soup.

Kuli-kuli: Peanuts ground and fried into a hard, solid form..

Moin moin: Beans are ground into paste and boiled to a solid state.

Ogbono soup:  Soup made with Ogbono seeds and palm oil.

Ogi: Fermented pudding made from maize, sorghum, or millet.

Owofibo: Palm oil soup with blended tomatoes.

Samosa: Pastry filled with spiced potatoes, beef or chicken.

Suya: Roasted, spiced beef, goat meat, lamb or chicken.

Dodo: Fried Plantain

North Africa

Asida: Cooked wheat flour dough, eaten with butter.

Chermoula: Seafood flavor made with oil, lemon juice and herbs.

Couscous: Semolina pasta

Méchoui: Sheep or lamb barbecued whole.

Merguez: Beef or mutton sausage

Sfenj: Donuts soaked in honey and sugar coated.

Shahan ful: Slowly cooked fava beans which is made into paste and served typically with bread.

Shakshouka: Eggs cooked in tomato sauce

Shish taouk: Oily grilled chicken

Tahini: Oily ground Sesame seed paste

Tajine: Slow cooked stew with meat, chicken or fish in a clay pot.


Tapalapa bread: Senegalese bread

Thieboudienne:  Rice, tomato sauce and fish.

Yassa: Spiced, oily cooked fish or chicken.



Lahoh: Spongy bread

South Africa

Bar-One Cake: South African Chocolate cake.

Biltong: Meat cut into strips, dried and barbecued.

Bobotie: Ground meat topped with egg and spiced.

Boerewors: Sausage with minced beef, pork and sometimes lamb.

Boerie-Roll: South African Hot Dog, consists of  grilled Boerewors served in a Hot Dog roll, eaten with tomato sauce or ketch-up.

Braaibroodtjies: South African toasted sandwich

Bunny chow: Curry filled bread loaf.

Chakalaka: Vegetable dish.

Droëwors: Dried and cured Boerewors, similar to Biltong

Frikkadel: Baked or deep fried meatballs

Feijoada: Beans stew eaten with beef or pork.

Gatsby: South African styled Deli sandwich

Hertzoggie: Apricot jam filled coconut tarts

Isidudu: Porridge dish made with pumpkin, cabbage and liver

Jaffle:  Meat-based South African sandwich.

Lamington: Chocolatty sponge cake with desiccated coconut.

Mala Mogodu:  Stew made from cow stomach and served with hot pap.

Malva pudding: Apricotjam pudding served hot with ice-cream or custard.

Peri Peri Chicken : Chicken prepared with Piri Piri spice.

Pampoenkoekies: Its English name is Pumpkin Fritters and it is a dough made with pumpkins mixed with eggs and baking powder. It is fried and eaten with sugar and cinnamon.

Pap: Maize porridge

Pap en Vleis: Crumbly porridge served with tomato based meat sauce

Phutu: Maize meal cooked over open fire.

Potbrood: South African Bread

Skilpadjies: Lamb liver enclosed in kidney fat grilled with other ingredients added.

Vetkoek: Deep-fried dough filled with ground beef or coated with honey, jam or syrup.

Waterblommetjiebredie: Lamb stew


Brik: Tunisian stuffed pastry.

Chakchouka: Lamb stew with tomatoes and spices, eaten with flatbread.

Lablabi:  Chick peas enclosed in thin garlic and cumin flavored soup, served with pieces of crusty stale bread.

Makroudh: Date or Almond filled pastry

Mesfouf: Couscous with butter

Tabil: Tunisian coriander spice

Harissa paste: Peppers dried in the sun and pounded with spices and garlic and mixed in oil.


Matoke: Boiled green bananas or plantain.

Mugoyo: Sweet potatoes steamed in green banana leaves and boiled beans dish.


Delele: Baking soda okra soup.

Sadza/Ugali: Cooked maize meal

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