Perry-Bloom can’t seem to get enough of themselves


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom seem not to be able to keep their hands off each other as evident from photos from their vacation this week at Sardinia in Southern Italy. The ‘Rise’ singer and ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor sparked rumors of their relationship seven months ago after the Golden Globe Awards and they seem to be falling deeper and deeper in love everyday.

They have been on the vacation on a private yacht for a few days now and have been doing many romantic things such as a romantic dinner, a picnic with friends on a public beach, swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding. At the beach, they were seen kissing, embracing, laughing and rubbing sunscreen on one another.

Orlando however caused a row online as paparazzi caught him nude as he and Perry went into the paddle boards. The couple have enjoyed other trips together previously such as a wedding in Aspen last year, a last minute trip to Hawaii, a trip to England where Orlando was born and a trip to Perry’s hometown, Santa Barbara.