Zombie Olympics: Corpses and viruses at venues cause fear


Reports from Rio, Brazil, the venue for the 2016 Olympics suggest that there are rotting corpses floating on a river infested with rats. This has made fear grip athletes and supporters and this could result in this year’s Olympic becoming the worst in the history of the games.

One of such fearsome venues is the Guanabara bay to be used for sailing and windsurfing for the games where decomposing bodies have been found and is still undergoing a major cleanup even as the athletes are arriving in less than a week. The athletes who are taking part in the water events have been sternly warned not to open their mouth in infected waters.

There have also been incidents of athletes been robbed at gunpoint and even rumours of kidnapping by Rio street gangs even before the start of the event.

Furthermore, the accommodation made for the Olympians has almost been rendered completely useless as there is an open sewer flooding the village. British athletes had to engage a plumber to fix blocked toilets and broken sewage pipes.

Apart from the floating corpses, the bay is home to an estimated 300 tons of rubbish every month which has items such as condoms and discarded syringes which may carry bacteria and viruses which cause infections.

Image Credit:New York Times