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My friends misled me wife begs to return to palace

by Kingsley Nzeadibe

“I write this in tears, pleading with every kind mother to please urge my husband (Alaafin of Oyo) to pardon me.” And to all those who provided money, I would absolutely repay you when I return to the palace…
Olori Damilola, the ex wife of the Alaafin of Oyo, Lamidi Adeyemi, has sent a formal apology to the monarch on her instagram Handle, in what appears to be a desperate move.

The ex-queen also appealed with the Alaafin and the royal family to be permitted to return to the palace, accusing her friends of leading her wrong.

After her co-queen, Aanu, left in November 2020, the mother-of-one broke out of her marriage.

For months, reports surfaced that the two queens, both in their twenties, had escaped to Lagos to be “free.”

And this is the first time the queen has publicly confirmed rumors that she had left her five-year marriage.

Queen of the runway.

Queen Aanu, who was actually introduced at her wedding, claimed the monarch of wanting to kidnap her and stated that she no longer wishes to be enslaved.
“This is how you feel when you finally bring somebody’s son to your family,” she posted on Instagram, announcing her marriage introduction. Please don’t ask who or how. Just send me your best wishes.”

However, the name of the soon-to-be husband has remained a mystery.

Queen Badirat, another one of the monarch’s fleeing wives, thanked her former co-wife in the comments almost as soon as she posted it.

Remember that the two queens—Badirat and Anu—along with Damilola—all left the palace in 2020 and went towards becoming Instagram slay queens.

In her declaration, the then 23-year-old, who gave birth to the monarch’s third set of twins in 2018, mentioned the police.
In November 2020, Aanu walked out of the palace without a word.

“There’s no place like home.

Queen Damilola begged with the Monarch to let her back into his life in her apologies letter.
She had accused her ex husband of mistreating her after she left their marital home, but she has since refuted this claim.

She also stated that she did not write the apology post under duress and that she wrote it in a “good frame of mind.”

“I write this in tears and request every kind mother to please plead with my husband (Alaafin of Oyo) to pardon me,” she said. When I return to the palace, I will absolutely refund all those who provided money in any form. Thanks. It’s for individuals who understand that “home is where the heart is.”

The game is to blame.
The monarch’s ex wife accused her friends of leading her astray.

“I was deceived by friends out of irritation, but now everything is apparent, and I humbly apologize for attempting to bring down the royal family. “I went to Lagos and Abuja to beg the royal family’s pardon,” she claimed.

After being allegedly mistreated by palace officials, the young queen fled the palace.

She was recently named the brand ambassador for a well-known Lagos organic cream company.

what do you have to say to her?.

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